LiCAP can help you triggers the soundpacks, like BFD3, Kontakt 5. Just like your midi keyboard with 6 strings to play. Make guitar great again.
Absolutely NOT. It's a fully wireless device via Bluetooth. You're able to keep guitar jack to the amplifier or pedal as well.
LiCAP is a wireless device that makes your guitar to a midi keyboard. No space needed. Install with only three seconds.
LiCAP is a bluetooth midi device. It can be used on Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.
LiCAP is powered py optical sensor system that capture each string's playing details, including pitch, velocity, aftertouch.
Guitar can perform some playing skill that keyboard can not imitate, and LiCAP can capture all the guitar playing skill and tranfer it to MIDI
Actually, SLiMTAB provides a online and offline score editing experience. This means you can not only edit and share your sheet music to your friends, and also you can compose music with your friend. More over, you can rehearsal with your band online!
If your using SLiMTAB web application, you can share a link from your sheet music. Then, you can compose song with your partners. If you install the SLiMTAB desktop app, you will need to upload the sheet music to SLiMTAB Cloud to co-compose.
Sure, we have over come the delay issue that every user worried. If you and your band have a common internet environment. You can rehearsal with your band without annoying delay.
SLiMTAB make for guitar practice sytem with a LiCAP on your guitar. But, other usual midi device can also connect to SLiMTAB to practice.
SLiMTAB has a powerful score editing UI, with modern and intuitive interface. SLiMTAB can also cloud co-compose and share your master piece.
SLiMTAB can import Guitar Pro and other MIDI files, and even import plugins, soundpacks like IK, and Steiberg.